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At Joist, we work hard every day towards our mission of making contractors heroes. This has been our mission since the beginning. We build upon our deep understanding and drive to make contractors as successful as they can be.

Founders Brendon Sedo & Justin Kathan created Joist after the learning lessons from their own service-based company which they scaled across Eastern Canada. Soon, Brendon and Justin were meeting other contractors who were experiencing similar problems.

The timing was perfect, with the explosion of mobile software and the launch of the iPad, to build something new. Partnering with co-founder Michael Gauthier was the final step to launch Joist.

By providing a mobile and web platform for estimating, invoicing, recording, processing payments, and managing projects from anywhere, Joist aims to enable contractors to reach their fullest potential. We make it effortless for contactors to win jobs, get time back in their day, and better serve their customers.

The sky is the limit. Where will Joist take your business?

Leadership Team

Brendon Sedo

CEO & Co-Founder

Mike Gauthier

CTO & Co-Founder

Katya Khalimov

Director of Finance

Ike: Director of Growth

Ike Dimobi

Director of Growth

Mark Rosen

Head of Product

Darcy Fitzpatrick

Customer Success Lead

Dennis Kuzmar

VP Engineering

Joist Team Photo Outside
We’re a team that cares about the success of contractors, because we understand contractors.

– Brendon Sedo, CEO & Co-Founder